Thursday, October 15, 2009

U2 Concert!

I went with Kendra and a ton of other people that I knew from around the office and everywhere else to U2 this past Monday night at the Cowboys stadium. (Kudos to MUSE by the way...they have a new fan!)

This was my second "real" concert experience and I was pretty impressed. However, I wasn't aware that having floor seats meant that you wouldn't actually "have a seat". We were literally on the rail of the second stage that went around the main stage and at one point, we stood probably 10 feet away from Bono as he sang. It was a pretty unique experience, but after standing for probably 4 and a half hours in a small confined space with people screaming and drunk around Kendra and I, we decided that we are "seat people". My legs felt like they were going to fall off.

Greatest moment of the night was when Bono started singing "Amazing Grace" and 100,000 people joined in as he segued into "Where the Streets have No Name" (my U2 favorite). It was an incredible God moment for me as I raised my hands and praised Him for all that he was!

I'm a big Bono fan. His humanitarian efforts are incredible and during the event, he took the time to say, "I want to thank President Bush for the efforts that he made and the lives that he saved in Africa." Say what you want to about the guy, he's not afraid to make political statements in the middle of a concert experience!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures that my buddy, Seth, took from the evening. It was something that I won't soon forget. Thanks to David, our Productions Director, for the ticket!

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