Thursday, November 12, 2009

The New HC Plans are coming along!!!!

Hey Heartland Family...

Incredible things have been going on around HC this week and I want to take just a second to tell you about some of the meetings that took place.

Last week, Pastor Dan and I sat down with Brad Bowen and talked through the phases of renovation completion. For those of you who don't know Brad, he's a partner of the HC family working as the project manager over the renovation construction. He's put in countless hours on the project and has been working with the general contractor who's currently drawing up the plans for the specific renovations.

We broke the renovations down into three phases:

Phase One: The things that can be done before Heartland has its first services in the building.

Unlike most renovations, this project is a little bit tricky because we're limited to what we're able to work on until Grace Church vacates the building on December 27th, the end of the 90 day period that we are allowing them to lease the space back to us while they find a church home.

But there are some things that we believe will be completed such as the construction of the children's classroom bathrooms, the new HC sign on the building (which I'll show you some pics of later) and the sound and lighting in the sanctuary (there are others, but I'm sparing you for now).

Phase Two: The things that can be done as soon as we get into the building.

One of the major items that will be done when we get in will be the Children's wing. We're working with a company who specializes in the design of churches and their children spaces and the preliminary plans have been incredible. We recently agreed to a contract and they have begun drawing the specs for our KIDZ Blast stage which will be a smash hit!

Phase Three: The things that we have to raise money in order to be able to accomplish.

Heartland has entered into detailed talks about extending our lobby space into another level giving us an additional community space in which HC partners will be able to enjoy one another and hang out. With wi-fi service, a coffee shop and other amenities, we believe that people in our area will just want to hang around some Sunday mornings!

We'll be holding a Carrollton Renovation Update to let you know exactly where we're putting our money on the building and show you some of the plans in greater detail on Sunday, December 6th following the 2nd service so make sure you are there!


Yesterday, we met with our interior consultant who will be providing some direction for our building in the areas of decor, paint and an overall design concept inside the building. She was a sharp lady who's contributed to the design of interiors of churches like Watermark Church in Dallas, Texas.

Craig Penrod, one of our valued HC partners has already purchased our sound equipment and actually has it set up inside of his house already programming and getting it ready for the building! HAHA! Check out Craig who's twisting and tweaking the board below. Craig has YEARS of experince as a sound engineer and will be helping take us to a whole notha' level in our sound!

Finally, we've been bidding out the design of our new HC sign that's going to be visible from highway 121. We are in the finally tweaking phases of the sign (the poor company has to hate my guts because I've made them give me so many design options). I'll give you the inside scoop and let you see what will be popping up on 121 at the end of December/Early January!!! Check it out and let me know what you think! This isn't the final copy and we're working on a di-cut to make the bottom lettering POP but it's getting close!!!

Keep praying for us and get ready to help serve in some way as we're going to be calling on our partners to help us build, move, shake, rattle and roll!!!!!

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